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From Idea to Product :

It began early 96 during my industry practical work. Together with Carsten Knufinke who was a trainee at the company at the time I came up with the first ideas. With the help of the instructor whose interest we captured, the ideas quickly took form and a project was started. Within 3 months the machine was built as part of my electronic practical work - becoming more and more a machine engineering practice. In July 96, on the last day of the practical work, the machine was ready for a test run.

During the next few months it became obvious that a piece of the base construction needed to be reworked. During summer of 97, the complete Z axis and Y axis roller guides were reworked. Besides this, a plotter pen holder and paper clamping device were added. During the remounting in may 98 all steel parts were painted in order to stop rust and cables were run through energy chains.

The mechanical part is complete since august 98. Plots turned out well on the machine. On the other hand, in order to be able to produce PCB's, a depth regulator mechanism for fixing the PCB and associated machining tool were required...

I give my special thanks to Carsten Knufinke without whom the development of this machine would not have happened.

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